Piyush Kumar

Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering

Patent Specialist

Piyush is an experienced patent professional with extensive experience in patent prosecution cases, patent drafting and patent searches. His technical expertise covers a range of sectors including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Processing, Electric Vehicles, Bio-Informatics, Electrical and Electronics, Polymer Engineering, and Agriculture.

Piyush’s role involves responding to office actions from various patent offices (USPTO, EPO, IPO, UKIPO), patent drafting, and patent portfolio management. He is also skilled in prior art searching using databases such as Questel-Orbit, Derwent Innovation, Google Patents, USPTO, WIPO, and Espacenet.

Key achievements include maintaining a grant rate of over 90% in patent prosecution in the US and India, effectively handling USPTO examiner calls to secure patent grants, and collaborating with over 30 startups in various technological domains to protect their intellectual property.