Kathakali Banerjee

B. Sc.- Chemistry, Biotechnology and Genetics,
M.Sc.- Biochemistry, Women Scientist (WOS-C) Alumni

Senior Patent Associate

Registered Indian Patent Agent

Kathakali Benerjee, an accomplished Indian patent agent, has extensive experience in the patent field gained from prestigious law firms in India. Holding a Master’s Degree in Biochemistry, she initially worked in renowned research institutes in India before transitioning to patents. Kathakali’s commitment to intellectual property rights led her to complete the WOS-C (KIRAN-IPR) program by the Department of Biotechnology, enhancing her practical expertise in patents. Since 2018, she has actively contributed to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), focusing on patents. Notable achievements include being featured in the ‘100 Success Stories of Women Scientists Scheme-C’ by DBT, highlighting her impactful contributions.